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There is a lot of excitement and buzz in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning these days. Time has come, when the old Sci-fi Hollywood movies are no longer just fiction.

Enormous amounts of data collected, and the computing power has made this possible.To put this in perspective, Apollo 11 was launched using a computer that had 1300 times less power than an iPhone 5s. Fast forward to today, AI is all around us. Today, we roll out of bed in the morning and ask Siri of Google, “What is the weather today?”. Usage of these Intelligent conversational interfaces is also growing in the enterprise world, as it is the simplest way for businesses to interact with customers, suppliers and employees. 

AI in Data and Analytics

Data volumes are growing exponentially, but the time from ‘Data to Insights’ cycle has not changed. Although Dashboards and reports provide valuable information, they leave room for more questions after looking at them. 64% of business decisionmakers have difficulty getting answers from their dashboard metrics.

What it typically takes today for a business user to get insights?

Andy wants to address the issue of decreasing sales for his department.


Andy looks at countless dashboards, reports and slides...


Spends time trying to use a self service tool...


Andy sends a request to the Data team and his request gets added to the queue. When ready, team performs the relevant analysis, goes back and forth with Andy and builds a dashboard/report


Andy has more questions ?!


This process takes anywhere between 1 day to 4 months.

Do Self Service tools deliver on their promise? Self Service BI tools have reduced the time it takes, but still pose a lot of challenges - Steep learning curve, need for SQL skills, need for training, introduce unnecessary complexity and complicated visualizations.

This also leads to the most expensive and talented resources in an organization to work on simple tasks. When asked which activities their company’s data scientists or advanced analytics staff performed, more than 45% of respondents said their data scientists perform foundational activities such as data visualization (according to a Forrester research).

That’s why AI is so exciting in the world of analytics and data visualization today. Infusing AI into analytics workflows can transform your organization and reduce the ‘Data to Insights’ cycle by giving everyone access to the tools they need to make datadriven decisions. The good news is that AI has already arrived and is changing the way business people — like salespeople — interact with the data they have at their disposal with introduction of tools like Einstein from Salesforce.

"Wrong visualizations hide the insight and lead to wrong decisions"

Diana AI is a Voice enabled and Search driven Analytics tool that helps business users have a conversation with their data, to uncover important insights. Unlike the traditional BI tools, which are static and rigid; or self service tools, which are more geared to Data, Diana makes it possible for business users to ask a question either via a voice-driven assistant or by typing it into a search bar and get answers to in seconds.

Diana converts your question into a query and delivers the best visualization to help with decision making. Diana is not only a question-and-answer process, but remembers the context of the question and always ready for a conversation.

We solve most problems by talking and asking questions. Diana brings that to enterprise data, by making it possible for business users to query and interact with data in the easiest way possible.

We believe that analytics should be as easy as asking a question. At Diana AI, we are making analytics more accessible to everyone, by introducing voice and search to analyze data through conversation.

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Teja Nanduri
CTO and Co-founder