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Introducing Diana AI.

Conversational BI for your organisation.

After 8 months of ideation, user research and thousands of hours of product development, we are thrilled to announce Diana AI, to bring effortless BI and analytics to non-technical business users. Imagine just asking a question in plain english, instead of using an old BI tool to do tedious drag drops, clicks, writing formulas and SQL or staring at countless dashboards and pre-canned reports.  

The process of creating a simple visualization using traditional tools takes more than 15 clicks, writing formulas and requires knowledge on what chart type to use and what measures should go on each axis. We believe getting insights from your data should be simple, very simple. That’s the ambitious goal that our team had set out to meet, and we are excited to announce Diana AI today.

At Diana, we’ve built a conversational tool that provides users with a BI and analytics experience that is easy and fast. With the power of Diana’s speech optimization and NLP, we’ve made the experience so easy that you only need to ask a question to generate an answer, rather than wait days or weeks for your BI team to build you a report or dashboard.

Diana understands a user’s question, transform it into a query, and displays the best visualization for the questions asked. It does all the calculations and aggregations, filtering, and other operations as the query is executed. It is personalized for an individual user’s voice and learns over time to understand the users better.

Diana offers a new way to explore data and gets answers to questions faster, no more clicks or training required. Make it simple for anyone in the organization to work with data.

P.S: Diana is currently available for windows users (macOS coming soon) and can connect to any odbc source, excel and csv files. Simply install Diana, connect to a source and get up and running in minutes, not days, not months, not years.

To see this in action, request for a demo today.

Teja Nanduri
CTO and Co-founder 
Oct, 2018

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