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New features means new ways to analyze your data.

Diana AI continues to release enhancements to support our users and our vision of providing anyone in an organization the ability to gain insights from data.

New in Diana AI (26th June)

This week, we released a new version of Diana AI! This release includes some highly requested features — Data Prep and additional ways to ask questions. 

New ways of asking questions are key to our upgrades with every release

Best performing metrics
Ability to ask questions to identify the best performing metrics. For example, you can ask questions like - "What are the best performing products for sales"


Worst performing metrics

You can also ask questions to identify the lowest performing products, states or countries. For example - "Show me worst performing products for profit"


Additional Date questions

We made enhancements to date calculations. You can now ask questons to calculate date difference in dates. For example - "Show average time from invoice date to payment date"

Rate of / Percentage of calculations  

We added new features to make calculating percentages very easy. You will be able to ask questions like : "Show me Percentage of sales for Furniture"

Greater than and less than questions

Simple but needed. Start asking questions for deeper analysis - “Show me sales by segment Shipping Cost >50”

These features join our ongoing focus to prioritize bug fixes and optimizations made to the Diana AI platform. This work is a next step in building the next generation of BI platform which allows every member of your team to be self-reliant and leverage the data they need in real time.

New in Diana AI (16th June)

This week, we released a new version of Diana AI! This release includes some highly requested features — Sharing capabilities, updated visualization, Data Prep and additional ways to ask questions. We are hoping these enhancements will improve the experience of collaborating, loading and analyzing data with Diana AI. Keep reading to learn more about them!

If you don’t have Diana, let us know and we can get you started!

Data Storytelling with Enhanced Workspace Sharing Capabilities:

Teams and colleagues can now share not only a workspace within Diana but also pinned searches and visualizations. This increases collaboration and decreases task duplication for teams.

Legends for All Charts & Graphs:
Legends provide additional visualization aides in 2 ways. First, users no longer have to hover over graphs to see color coded data labels in charts. Secondly, updated legends allow the user to click and hide a data set temporarily for additional visualization options.  


Series Line Chart Upgrade:
Series Line Charts were previously only available for use with a single category (ie: Date or month etc). You are now able to break this down further by any category (ie: by product or region). This upgrade provides additional options and granularity within visualization. 


Data Cleansing:

Upgraded to Basic Data Cleansing. Unexpected values like commas, hyphens, dollar symbols etc will automatically be removed from number columns.

This is huge for our current users! This feature reduces manual data cleaning for teams, and increases accuracy of data uploaded, queried or used in a formula.

Increased Data Error identification:

Detailed error description will be provided as part of the data load process. Previously, as an example, if there was text in a number column (eg: revenue), the load would fail without giving the details on how to fix it. Diana will now provide a description of the error and provide the cell in which the error occurred. 

NLP Updates

New ways of asking questions are key to our upgrades with every release. This release included terms like yearly, monthly, quarterly, YoY, QoQ and MoM.

Here is a link to all the questions you can ask already. Remember, if you have a new idea or request - do send it our way.


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Teja Nanduri
CTO and Co-founder 

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