Meet Diana AI,
Voice & Search Enabled Data Analyst. 





Take working with data to the next level

Unique capabilities that will make your life easier and grow your business faster.


Don't stop at one question. Continue your data discovery, until you say clear.

Search for answers

Stop writing queries or drag-drops. Just type or ask the question and see the right visualization.

Data Analysis needs to be

Benefits of Diana AI


Search Query.

We solve most problems by searching and asking questions. Diana brings that to your enterprise, so you can understand your data using the easiet mode possible. 


Real Time. 

We don't replicate data. We run real time queries and have you up and running in less than 5 mins.


No Coding, No Infrastructure .

Let Diana do all the work in the background and help you uncover insights. Diana works on your machine. No need to spend time assessing Infrastructure needs.  

Trusted by leading organisations and businesses.

Diana AI is a solution for organizations who want to be data driven.  You can turn your business users data savvy with easy plug & play solution.